The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) went up to $ 7,400 but failed to break resistance here, leaving the price stuck between the $ 7,200 and $ 7,400 band.


One important point that analysts pointed out was that, despite the price rise, there was not enough trade volume. The lack of commercial volume made us think that this rise was Artificial, that is, a rise made by whales. 

$ 361 Million Bitcoin Transfer

While BTC cannot exceed the level it has been hanging around for days, a giant Bitcoin transfer unprecedented in recent months has worried many investors. A statement by the Whale Alert account says a total of 49,342 Bitcoins (about $ 361 million) were transferred from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet.

The amount in question certainly has the power to drive the price of Bitcoin up or down, and the price will shift there whichever way the unknown wallet owner uses it.

Normally, in minutes after such loaded transactions, the managers of cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitfinex or Binance came to the explanation stating that the transfer was their own, but as of the moment this article was written, no such explanation was made. This has further raised the fear of cryptocurrency investors, and at the moment many people are considering what this transaction might have been made for.