Fintech, which brings together finance and technology, is one of the promising sectors. Here's fintech from A to Z...


Fintech, one of the most trending words of recent years, is a combination of Finance and technology and continues to be a sector that continues to receive large investments from many parts of the world. Fintech, a combination of technology and finance, is most prevalent in the UK and the United States. The fintech sector, which shows growing potential in London, also defines the business area for 40 per cent of London people.


The fast-growing fintech sector in the United States also offers ways to address customers ' new product and financial services needs on digital media. The fact that new technological channels produce faster and more effective solutions leads to the spread of new global trends. The expansion of mobile payment systems and the frequent use of them in everyday life is just one of the blessings of the fintech industry.

Fintech, which has gained increasing momentum with the demand of its financial sector customers for technological products and solutions, is becoming a growing sector with the combination of the desire to connect to the internet everywhere and to make financial transactions independently of the place. Beginning with banking systems, fast mobile systems made mobile applications and internet branches more frequently used.

Entrepreneurs who realize the next generation of financial software plan to satisfy the technological needs of the next generation by developing mobile applications and services for different needs. In this development, where America and Europe have a large share, Nordic countries are in third place after these two players. The fintech sector, which received over $ 10 billion in investment in 2014, is projected to grow by over 40 percent over the next 10 years.

The fintech sector, which carries out the work of the banking sector in much cheaper and more effective ways, aims to change the business world from top to bottom. Fintech companies, which have changed relations between banks and consumers and started Sunday stealing from the banking sector, have had considerable success by providing money transfers and financial solutions from individual to individual.

It is obvious that many angel investors who are financial professionals also support new entrepreneurs and that the sector will grow even more and increase its volume with successful exit strategies.